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Burn and Tone

Fat Burner (60 Capsules)

What does it do?

Burn and Tone does as the same suggests, assists in burning fat and promotes toned muscles. The product to help get you on track for a lifetime. Burn and Tone has the properties of a diuretic, allowing you to shed excess fluid retention; as well as a fat oxidiser (uses stored fat for energy/fuel). Apart from these amazing properties Burn and Tone assists with craving and appetite control and more!

Burn and Tone Benefits:

-Supports weight loss

-Reduced cravings

-Increased fat oxidation

-Boosts metabolism

-Improved energy

What’s in it?

Burn and Tone is made from 100% natural ingredients, to give you the best results and quality!

-Green tea extract
-Cayenne pepper extract
-Citrus Aurantium
-Caffeine (very low dose)

Nitro Endurance

Vasodialator (60 Capsules)

What does it do?

Nitro Endurance to give you the ultimate endurance and stamina. Nitro Endurance consists of three amino acids that promoted vasodialtion (widening of the blood vessels) for improved oxygen and nutrient transportation. To further improve this effect we have added iron to allow the body to not only improve oxygen flow to muscles and cells; but to allow the body to produce more red blood cells for increased oxygen concentration. This reaction improved stamina, lung capacity and recovery; whilst reducing the effects of fatigue.

What’s in it?

We keep our products natural.





Rocket Fuel

EEA’s & Vitamin B Complex (180g Powder)

What does it do?

Rocket Fuel for optimal recovery and muscle growth. Rocket fuel is a wondrous combination of EEA’s (essential amino acids_ and a vitamin B complex; to support recovery and muscle growth. Most adults (especially those that are active) don’t meet their daily needs with EEA’s; making it necessary to get it through supplements. We have added a full vitamin B complex to improved absorption and use of EEA’s by the body, to give you the best results.

What’ in it?

The only powder you need for muscle growth and recovery!







-Full vitamin B Complex

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