”A good looking outside starts with a healthy inside.”- Michaela Lotz

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Michaela Lotz

BcS Food & Nutrition

University of South Africa

Hi, I’m Michaela Lotz


”My mission is to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness, self-acceptance, happiness and balance.

I am a strong believer that balance is key to obtaining health: this doesn’t just mean physical health; but emotional, mental and healthy relationships (with people and food) and surroundings.”

Michaela struggled with her weight from a young age, at the age of 16 she decided to make a lifestyle change and hasn’t looked back since.

Michaela started experimenting with recipes and foods, and further expanded her knowledge by completing her BcS Food and Nutrition; to find a way to help others find their balance.

She is the founder and nutritionist of GFL, as well as the creator of delicious GFL convenience foods and recipes.

Michaela is continuously working on finding new ways to improve GFL convenience foods and ways to make healthy living simple, fun and delicious!


All eating plans are based on your individual nutrient needs and goals, budget and preferences. You receive my full support along your journey.

– Monthly (includes a 4-week, personalised eating plan and weekly checkups): R400 


– 8 Week Plan (includes an 8-week), personalised eating plan; 24/7hour WhatsApp support; 1 eating plan modification; weekly checkup OR weekly video calls for online clients): R800


– 12 Week Plan (includes a 12-week), personalised eating plan; 24/7hour WhatsApp support; 2 eating plan modifications, weekly checkup OR weekly video calls for online clients): R1,200


*Consultations are 45min each.

*Online clients will have weekly video chats.

1st consultation is 1hr.


Balanced eating is a form of self love


Real People; Real Results

Everyone has their own journey to finding their balance; there will be good days and bad days. The key is to find a balance that works for YOU.

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