”A good looking outside starts with a healthy inside.”- Michaela Lotz

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Michaela Lotz

BcS Food & Nutrition

University of South Africa

Hi, I’m Michaela Lotz


I absolutely LOVE what I do! I don’t just help people lose weight, get into shape, bulk, and so on. I help people learn how to love their bodies again, and develop a healthy relationship with food, and help them find and maintain a balanced lifestyle that allows you to include the food you enjoy and reach your health goals.

Restrictive, “quick fix” diets and trends often do more damage than good; and often aren’t supported by conclusive evidence. I follow an approach that involves experimenting and mixing things up with what you eat; this is the only way to find what works well for you.

I struggled with my weight at a young age. At age 15 I had reached 78kg’s and I have been active my WHOLE life. I was dancer from age three until age 17, I did girls cricket, tennis and badminton for a short while, I was a junior lifeguard in training. So, I have always LOVED exercise; moving my body makes me feel good and I lose my mind if I’m inactive for extended periods of time.

The problem arose because I LOVE food just as much as I loved exercise; I learned very quickly that you CANNOT out-train bad eating.  Apart from the weight aspect, my body was not happy because I wasn’t fueling it properly. My recovery was super slow, and the excessive eating (particularly of high sugar foods) made me feel super lethargic.

This just lit a big spark for my passion for nutrition and fitness; and I ended up studying my BcS in Food and Nutrition which just fueled my passion further. I started experimenting with recipes, trying different approaches to my own eating habits, adapted my mindset COMPLETELY. 

Today my favourite part of my job is helping others learn to love their bodies again and have a more positive outlook on healthy eating and living. Your mindset determines how far you get with any goal you set in life.

Balanced eating is a form of self love


All eating plans are based on your individual nutrient needs and goals, budget and preferences. You receive my full support along your journey.

– Monthly (includes a 4-week, personalised eating plan; food diary; recipes and weekly checkups): R600 


– 8 Week Plan (includes an 8-week), personalised eating plan; 24/7 WhatsApp support; eating plan modifications; supplement recommendations; food diary; recipes; weekly checkup OR weekly video calls for online clients): R1,100


– 12 Week Plan (includes a 12-week), personalised eating plan; 24/7 WhatsApp support; eating plan modifications, supplement recommendations; food diary; recipes; weekly checkup OR weekly video calls for online clients): R1,500

*Consultations on request (1st session is free, thereafter there are additional costs for in person consultations)

*Consultations are 45min to 1hr each.

*Most coaching is done via online methods (unless other arrangements have been made)

*Online clients will have weekly video chats.



Real People; Real Results

Everyone has their own journey to finding their balance; there will be good days and bad days. The key is to find a balance that works for YOU.

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