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I am Michaela Lotz, founder and qualified nutritionist, Guilt Free Lifestyle is my nutrition platform where I share my recipe creations, educate and share my knowledge about health, fitness and nutrition, and guide my clients along their journey's to finding a healthy and happy balance that promotes health and enjoyment.

Nutrition is not an exact science, meaning there is constantly new discoveries being made, there is SO much to explore in this field, and there not one approach that works for everyone. Instead it's a science that has to be applied based on the individual being dealt with, everyone is UNIQUE! When it comes to health and nutrition it's not a one size fits all kind of deal. 

As a health professional, I strongly believe in a BALANCED approach to nutrition and one's lifestyle as a whole; it is important to be mindful of what we put into our body but it is also important to enjoy life. Finding a healthy balance is key to making it a lifestyle!

My approach is always based on the YOUR needs, YOUR preferences, YOUR nutrient requirement, YOUR budget, YOUR schedule, on YOU! I take a realistic and manageable approach, I don't just help get your eating on track, I help you transform your lifestyle through the small daily routines. I help you develop healthy habits, a positive relationship with food and your body so that it is sustainable and supports your health (and goals).

I have many approaches to try with regards to food, exercise, triggers. In order to transform your lifestyle you need to adjust your daily habits, this is a process that requires patience and consistency; ''quick fixes' DO NOT work and they often set you back even further.

Let's end the yo-yo dieting and start a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle!


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Have a look at a few of the amazing results achieved through balance.

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Eating plans, recipes, full support and more! The perfect way to start your guilt free lifestyle.

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Get creative and try some guilt free recipes at home!

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I have been honored and privileged to help some amazing individuals transform their lifestyle.

The key...balance!